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Qatar is becoming increasingly popular both for its expat life and as a tourist destination. The cap

Visit Doha, Qatar on a low budget

Does travelling always seem to stress you out? Don’t forget that you are an amazing #eventprof! Unpack those skills and do a little planning t

Considering portable working or a ‘workation’? There’s nothing so good as traveling and workin

How to Find the Money to Travel

Boston was founded in in 1630 by Puritan settlers from England seeking religious self rule. Over time, the city expanded and became a major port an

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Q. What are the best travel hacks?

I have always been afraid of entering the system and being sucked into mindless daily routines of office jobs. I wanted to be adventurous and creative in my own way. And this inability and unwillingness to conform led me to discovering quite a few interesting alternatives. When I told my frien Read More

Q. What are the best jobs for traveling around the world?

Flight attendant Yes, flight attendants travel the world but short haul staff rarely leave their destination airport. If you're hoping for long layovers in exotic locations apply to a major airline serving long haul destinations. Several days on a Thai beach or exploring Hong Kong is a bonus bu Read More

Q. What are the worst travel experiences you have ever encountered?

I joined an adventure race last 2011 which required us to travel from one province to another, from one island to the next. Of course, traveling needed budget so we had to maximise all means to save and that meant asking support from friends, friends of friends of friends, relatives (though rar Read More

Q. What is it like to travel sitting next to a celebrity?

End of November 2015, I was travelling back from NY to DC on Amtrak. It was few days before thanksgiving, and a lot of people were travelling, so it was packed. A lot of people were boarding the train, and I walked down to one of the last cars because I saw people lining up in the aisle waiting Read More

Q. How have you started a conversation with a stranger of the opposite gender while traveling?

It was the highlight of my to-do-list. Interact with lot of strangers. And listen them non-judgmentally.If we sat next to each other, or if our paths crossed, I always initiated the conversation.And if you were a pretty girl, then it took me a minute more to say “Hi”.But I ALWAYS initiated the c Read More