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Does travelling always seem to stress you out? Don’t forget that you are an amazing #eventprof! Unpack those skills and do a little planning to make travelling smooth and enjoyable!

4 Ways To Travel Like An Event Professional

Considering portable working or a ‘workation’? There’s nothing so good as traveling and working at the same time. Not only will you make money as you go, but you’ll get an opportunity to exper

Boston is beautiful place, especially in the summer time. Winter makes us locals hibernate and, as the weather warms, we trickle out of our caves and onto the streets to enjoy Boston at its best. Restaurants bring out the tables for outdoor dining, the so

City of the Saturday: Boston

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Gomkora Festival 2018

Gomkora Festival 2018

Around 22km from Trashigang, there lies the picturesque temple of Gom Kora or Gomphu Kora. It occupies a significant p
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Cuba Street Festival 2018

Cuba street festival is a major call for all the talented artistes, performers and a weekend audience and is predomina
Rockness Festival 2018

Rockness Festival 2018

Rockness Festival Festival takes place in the historic surrounds of Loch Ness close to Inverness in the Scottish Highl
Las Fallas 2018

Las Fallas 2018

Las Fallas, a Valencian traditional celebration in praise of Saint Joseph is undoubtedly one of the most unique and cr