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Q. How do people travel around the world if they're not rich? Can people get a part time job with a travel visa so they can work while traveling?

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1.Set a goal, save up and travel

This is by far the easiest and most convenient way to travel the world, if you have a job, don’t quit it. If you don’t have a job, get one. Make a rough estimate of your upcoming trip, and save money for it, start from your neighboring countries.

If you’re from north america, don’t always think Europe is the only place to travel, south and central america is also beautiful and will be much cheaper for you.
If you’re from India, don’t always think the USA is the only place to travel, south east Asia is much beautiful and cheapest in the world.

2. Choose backpacking and travel long term

Let’s say you saved money for a trip for a country near by, choose low cost traveling options to make your trips longer. Don’t travel to all the touristy cities, instead visit something that is untouched.

Instead of choosing a night stay at a budget hotel in Amsterdam, choose a week’s stay at a hostel in Tbilisi. Your destinations will have biggest impacts on the length of your trips as well as your pocket.

Use options like couchsurfing and wwoof wherever possible.

Ask if there are any small jobs available at your hostel/hotel which you can do to get free room and board.

3. Creative work

If you’re good at any sort of creative work such as writing, blogging, film making, Photography etc., use it to your advantage to earn money.

Start a website, write about your journeys.

Start a YouTube channel.

Become a travel photographer.

4. Freelancing

Work for other people over the internet. Signup on some freelancing websites and add your skills on it. You might get some jobs that are suitable for you and you can earn money on the road.

(I was once paid 80$ to copy and proof read some pages, so don’t think you have no skills for freelancing).

5. Stay with friends.

Invite your friends to your city, let them stay at your home and show them around, after that arrange a trip to their city and enjoy. This way you can meet your friends, hangout with them and enjoy your time without worrying about money. This is very easy your friends are just a message away.

6. Become a guide/instructor.

Become a tour guide

Become a trek leader

Become a diving instructor

Become a ski instructor

7. Work on cruises/planes

Become a flight attendant, you might be able to visit some counties.

Work on cruises, this can give you great chance to see the whole world.

Here are some money saving tips on the road.

1. Try couchsurfing.

2. If you are not getting hosts on couchsurfing or you aren't comfortable using it you should live in hostels. Use Hostels(dot)com Airbnb is a cheaper option. I usually do 30 percent night traveling in my any trip to save money on hotels.

3. Try to find hostels with kitchen so that you can make your own food sometimes, buy stuff from supermarkets and have breakfast everyday before heading out, to save some bucks at the start of your day. Ask locals for cheap eats, don't pay too much in any restaurant.

4. Use public transport. All the cities have city passes and transportation passes for 1/2/3 days or more, buy those and use it like a local. ( a one way public transport in Prague costs around a euro but I bought a 1 day pass in 5 euros, I used it at least 10 times that day , a one way metro ride costs 1.80 euros in Paris while a 1 day pass is around 11 euros ).

5. Taxis are a big NOOOOOO. You can literally save hundreds of Euros and public transportation is the real way to explore any city.

6. Explore by your self ask hostel staff or use TripAdvisor and see what interests you in a particular city then go there by your self. Believe me it's better then buying expensive sightseeing trips.

7. Don't spend much on alcohol, who needs that while traveling??

8. Transacting money directly from the debit card is a better way than to convert money to local currency.

9. Use apps like Whatsapp, Viber, IMO, Dingtone, Primo, Whatscall to call anywhere abroad for free.